Iringa Basket - Natural


We are delighted to introduce Iringa baskets to our collection. No machine is involved in their making, they are made purely by hand in the Njombe region of Tanzania from milulu grass. Each one varies from the next depending on the subtle colour and textural differences of the grass and the hands of the artisan maker but all are expertly woven, beautifully finished and full of character. 

  • 100% handwoven
  • Fair Trade
  • Made in Tanzania
  • Sizes vary within each category due to their handmade nature. If ordering more than one, we will do our best to match the size, depending on stock
  • Small range from approx 19-21cm H x 19-21cm D
  • Medium range from approx 27 - 34cm H x 25 - 34cm D 
  • Large range from approx 38cm H x 36-38cm D