TRAVELER'S Notebook - Brown


High quality leather covered notebook from Traveler's Company, Japan "For all the travelers who have a free spirit." Each leather cover is handmade in Thailand and ages beautifully with use and time. The leather itself is 2mm thick, vegetable tanned and unprocessed so it still has its original scratches and marks, all of which contribute to the natural feel and authenticity of this product. Also included is a plain page notebook refill made in Japan from original 'MD Paper' which makes the ink hard to stain and sink through so is well suited to ink pens, plus a spare rubber band. Plain and lined paper refills are available.

The perfect place for recording your thoughts, ideas and memories!

  • Simple and timeless design
  • Available in two colours - Camel and Brown
  • Each pack contains: 
    Midori Traveler's Notebook Leather Cover (approx 12.7cm W x 22.2cm L)
    Plain Notebook refill
    Cotton Case for the Notebook
    Spare Rubber Band
  • Plain and lined paper refills - 64 pages