Ethical Edit May 04, 2016 19:18

Here at Oggetto, we embrace production that is ethical and sustainable, paying great attention to how each item we source is made. We look to support sustainable methods of production and handmade processes wherever possible and have compiled the following edit featuring some of our favourite ethically produced products. 

texidors merino wool throws

texidors merino wool throws coloured edges

Teixidors Throws

Our wool throws are made in Spain by Teixidors, who have a long history of supporting workers with learning difficulties. By equipping workers with artisan skills Teixidors not only produce a renowned product of superb quality but also promote social integration and responsible consumption.

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handwoven hogla floor seat

Hogla Floor Seat

This floor seat is handwoven from the native Bangladeshi seagrass, Hogla. It is produced by a fair trade company who work closely with NGO’s and artisan cooperatives in Bangladesh, particularly Women. The mix of coconut husk and recycled cotton waste that it is filled with further boost its eco credentials.

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handwoven jute basket

Jute Striped Storage Basket

This eco friendly basket is crafted from Jute, a vegetable fibre that has minimal impact on the environment as it is rain fed with little need for pesticides or fertiliser.

Fair trade and local community initiatives are supported by its production, meaning that suppliers are paid a good wage and working conditions are safe. Another good example of how design and making can provide a means for practical empowerment.

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plant based aleppo soap made from olive and laurel oil

Aleppo Soap

Aleppo soap has been produced in the ancient Syrian city of Aleppo for hundreds of years and is as natural as it gets, being 100% plant based. It is long lasting and has antiseptic, moisturising properties that make it excellent for sensitive skin. 

To find out more about how it's made, take a look at our blog post The Ancient Tradition of Soap Making.

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ethically produced iris hantverk brushes

Iris Hantverk Brushes

Each brush from Swedish firm Iris Hantverk is made by hand by visually impaired craftsmen, from the finest natural materials. Not only are Iris Hantverk doing an excellent job of preserving the old Swedish tradition of hand drawn brushes, their close connection to the visual impairments movement makes them a great ethical producer.

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