Thoughts on Monochrome Interiors June 03, 2015 15:38

I love colour. Even though I am naturally drawn towards more muted restful tones, I certainly can't imagine interiors without colour in some form and yet, enticed by the beautiful pared back image on the front cover of interiors stylist Hilary Robertson's new book Monochrome Home I became curious and decided to delve a bit deeper into this style of interiors.

When the book arrived it certainly didn't disappoint. In fact I became thoroughly immersed in each page, disappointed to reach the end. This book contains the most compelling examples of monochrome homes around the world - interiors in back, white, grey and anything in between - photographed by Pia Ulin. From reading this book what struck me is the importance of texture, contrast, layering and the use of accessories to the success of the monochrome home. Here are a few more images from the book.

If you want to see some more examples of monochrome interiors why not have a look at our newly created Monochrome pinterest board, inspired by this book.