Open Shelves in the Kitchen May 23, 2015 20:00

Open shelves in a kitchen are a great compliment to cupboards. Whereas cupboards can be used to store away all your practical, not so attractive kitchen items and foodstuffs, shelves can be used to display favourite and frequently used items such as glassware, pots, tableware, cook books and plants. Shelves are ideal in awkward spaces where it would be difficult to fit a standard cupboard, but practicalities aside, they lend an informality to a room, making it less kitchen like, a point of interest and are a great way of opening up the space. Have a look at a few ideas below for styling your shelves.

These floating shelves are made from two 18mm mdf boards glued and screwed together with a long metal dowel that is inserted into the wall and the boards. They have been painted out the same colour as the walls so your eye is drawn to the display rather than the shelves. They are relatively cheap to make.

For more ideas and inspiration have a look at our Pinterest Board where we've pinned some fabulous examples for you.