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Stools are a great item of furniture to have around the home with a multitude of uses. Aside from regular and additional seating, they also make great side tables in the sitting room, bedroom and bathroom and in the summer months, they can be taken outside when extra seating is required. From the simplest of designs such as a chunky block of wood to more intricately designed statement pieces, there are a surprising number of styles to chose from. 

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We recently added two new styles of stool to the store, both of which are perfect for achieving a modern rustic look in your home - take a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration and ideas.

 Our Vintage Elm Stool is available with a round or rectangular seat and each one is completely unique and full of character.

Shop Vintage Elm Stool - Round; Vintage Elm Stool - Rectangular.

For a similarly authentic look with the added twist of on-trend leather straps try our tactile Moroccan Stool, which is available in two different finishes.

Shop Moroccan Stool - Natural; Moroccan Stool - Black.

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